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Sweets for your Sweetie!

Sweetie, it’s almost Valentine’s Day! Dean’s can be your Osseo Valentine’s headquarters, with Roses, Bouquets, Chocolates, Candy, Cards, Cupcakes, Heart Shaped Cookies, and more.

Afraid you won’t find those classic Conversation Candy Hearts? We have Brach’s candy hearts in stock.

We buy our Roses from a local vendor and offer them in small and large bouquets. Treat yourself or someone special.

Hit up our Butcher for some fresh cut steaks and make dinner special. Or share a pizza over candlelight along with a glass of bubbly. How about a movie night- pair our DVD’s with Grandma’s cupcakes. You be you!

Visit our produce aisle- Strawberries are great for Valentine’s too, and pair wonderfully with chocolate. Enjoy yourself!

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