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Simplify Thanksgiving.

No need to complicate this holiday, right?

Let's make it about family, friends, fun, football, but not stress, hectic traffic, long lines, and hours spent shopping.

Here's how Dean's can make your life simpler and your holiday more pleasant.

#1. Shopping List. We've done the planning and list-making for you. See our Thanksgiving Shopping List and print it from our website and Facebook page.

#2. Easy Shopping. Time spent shopping Thanksgiving Week at Dean's is time well spent. Won't take much time actually. You'll park close, get in and out fast, find what you need, get out fast. Boom. Done.

#3. Customer Service. We haven't stopped serving you, by bagging your groceries and carrying them out for you to your car. You'll never go back to doing it yourself. We love our customers and it's our pleasure to serve you.

#4. Delivery. Did you know we deliver in the Osseo area, and if you spend at least $30, delivery is free. Yes, free. Wouldn't that make Thanksgiving Week better if you didn't have to do your own shopping? Call us at 763-425-3243 to place your order in advance.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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