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Under the Big-Top Tent in Osseo!

When Summer comes, you can count on warmer weather, sunshine, and the arrival of the big red & white striped tent at Dean’s. Once the tent pops up in the parking lot, the produce sale is right around the corner.

This year’s event is July 20-22, and will feature noteworthy deals on fruit, vegetables, and if we’re lucky, Minnesota Sweet Corn. The local farmers are saying the crops may be a little later this summer, but we will still offer Midwest Sweet Corn and it will be delicious. Last summer we also offered local veggies like green beans, cucumbers, and radishes.

For the produce sale, we also bring in gigantic crates of promotionally-priced Watermelons. They are one of the highlights of summer and there are so many ways to enjoy them- wedges for refreshing snacks, blended into beverages & smoothies, chunked and carved into fruit baskets, and sliced into salads. Try combining watermelon with crumbled feta cheese, kalamata olives, sweet onion, and chopped mint leaves, for an unusual and tasty salad.

Watermelons are low in calories and are good antioxidants, high in vitamin A, lycopene, and potassium. Add some into your daily diet. You should always have a watermelon in the fridge during summertime!

The Dean’s Produce Sale is truly a “family affair”, with the whole Hansen family pitching in with the Dean’s Team. Dean’s Supermarket is a real family business, and it takes two generations to pull it off every year. We invite you to shop local in Osseo, and save the date for the big-top tent produce sale!

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