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Summertime means outdoor eating

More often than not, you’re eating outside during the Summer. Whether you’re at a picnic, BBQ, on a boat, or around a campfire, you want delicious food that is easy to eat and withstands the heat. While you always want to refrigerate foods, some foods survive eating outside.

Here are some of our summer favorites:

Frozen Grapes- they are a refreshing and healthy treat that everyone loves! They are multi-purpose: as a cool snack, add to a drink in place of ice cubes, toss in a cooler to keep everything cold.

Snacks on a kabob- finger foods that feed a crowd. Use veggies, meat, cheese, fruit, anything goes! Any meal can become a kabob.

Caprese Sandwiches- everyone serves themselves from a platter layered with slices of fresh mozzarella, basil, tomatoes, and French bread.

Mason Jar Desserts- keep ‘em closed and in a cooler until it’s time for a sweet treat! Strawberries & angel food is a given. How about raspberries & pound cake, blueberries and sweet corn bread, peaches and biscuits, the possibilities are endless.

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