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Nothing else like Grandma's Bakery

We always hear our customers raving about the fresh bakery at Dean’s. Those donuts! Love the Finger Rolls! Great bread! Much of the fresh bakery at Dean’s is supplied by a very famous, beloved Minnesota bakery, Grandma’s of White Bear Lake.

Every day, the bakery truck pulls up with fresh, fabulous goodness- rolls, breads, cookies, donuts, and more. Ever have their cinnamon crisps? To die for! Chocolate covered donuts, delicious!

Grandma’s Bakery is a Minnesota family owned business, just like Dean’s. They opened in St. Paul in 1978. They are now Certified Master Bakers operating out of White Bear Lake, Minnesota.

At Dean’s, you’ll find Grandma’s great bakery product on the shelf every day, delivered fresh. You can also order a decorated Grandma’s cake in advance at Dean’s, for any special occasion.

If you ever find yourself in downtown White Bear Lake, stop by their charming bakery for coffee and a treat. Until then, get your donut fix at Dean’s!

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