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Coffee with a Conscience

What if you could buy coffee that makes a difference in the world? What if the coffee you drank helped reforest the planet? You can if you buy Tiny Footprint Coffee, our bulk coffee supplier at Dean’s.

When you walk into Dean’s, our coffee station is one of the first things you see- bins of bulk coffee beans in many varieties and flavors. The grinder is right there if you want to grind your own beans before you take them home. Your choice.

Tiny Footprint is the world’s first “carbon negative coffee”, roasted locally, sourced ethically, practicing reforestation since 2010. Headquartered locally in Brooklyn Center, you can read more here about Tiny Footprint and what they are doing in Ecuador:

Of course, most importantly is that the coffee tastes good. Really good. If you’ve bought it before, you already know. They also sampled their coffee at our holiday open house last year, and people loved it. Delicious coffee is one of life’s joys. If you love coffee, we highly recommend Tiny Footprint!

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