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So what exactly does "organic" mean?

When you shop for healthy food, there is a difference between the terms "Natural" and "Organic". Natural can have a variety of meanings, but the term Organic is highly regulated by the USDA.

Producers must follow a stringent set of rules to be considered USDA Organic: They can’t use any synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers or GMOs. Organic products cannot include growth hormones or antibiotics. Additionally, a farm cannot have had any of the prohibited substances used on its land for three years prior to qualify for USDA Organic status.

We’re adding more organic items to Dean’s shelves all the time. You’ll find organics in the produce, dairy, and grocery sections. Our organic bananas are also labeled “Fair Trade”. The goal of fair trade is to help producers in developing countries to achieve better trading conditions and promote sustainable farming.

Our coffee supplier, Tiny Footprint Coffee, is organic too. They plant trees thru reforestation, to be “carbon negative”.

Look for the “organic” labels at Dean’s. Two of our favorite organic brands are Annie’s and Full Circle brands.

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