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Put a little love in your life

Some people say Valentine’s Day is over rated, a commercial holiday. Maybe we can broaden our view of what we recognize, because there’s a lot to celebrate and love.

You can celebrate a significant other, but you can also celebrate friends, family, country, earth. You can celebrate your love of chocolate! You can celebrate Valentine’s with your favorite four-legged furry friend. There’s always something to love, and the important thing is that we decide for ourselves.

Celebrate your love of movies and popcorn, rent a DVD! Celebrate the coming of Spring and buy some fresh flowers. Love baking? Grab a roll of cookie dough, a can of frosting, and some sprinkles. Love pizza? We especially like Stoked & Heggies, but any brand will fill that void that only pizza can fill.

Honestly, why not celebrate love all month? We need more love in the world!

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