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Go team! Superbowl Sunday

Whether you're entertaining a crowd or doing the "couch potato" thing, Superbowl viewing requires special snacks that celebrate game day. There are a few considerations for picking perfect game day recipes- can the item sit out for four quarters without getting stale? Is there something that appeals to everyone, whether they like rich, meaty food, or light healthy food? Are you covering all the "zones"- salty, sweet, creamy, smoky, sour, meaty? Are your peeps foodies or more traditional in their snack preferences?

Once you have these in mind, you can craft your perfect Superbowl menu. Here are some ideas that you can incorporate for the big game:

*Snack bowls: Put out individual bowls (or red solo cups!) and have an array of snack foods. Let your guests mix and match and serve themselves. Chips, cheezits, m&m's, nuts, dried fruit, sesame sticks, teddy grahams, etc. The "mixing and matching" makes it fun!

*Popcorn mix: Buy big bags of popcorn, cheese corn, and caramel corn. Combine and place bowls of "triple mix" around the room for easy access.

*Stage hot foods around halftime, when there's time to sample and serve. Consider a spin on traditional favorites, like making nachos using tator tots.

*A delicious and easy option is garlic bread dippers with red sauce. Ladle warm red sauce in cups, and add a wedge of toasty hot garlic bread. Have extra slices nearby for seconds.

*Buy several pounds of hamburger & make ahead meatballs in the oven. You can freeze them too! On game day, add those meatballs to the crockpot with a bottle of chili sauce and a can of jellied cranberries. So good!

*Don't forget a relish tray of olives and pickles. Everyone needs a little sour to offset the other flavors.

*A dessert bar is an easy way to go for sweets. Cut bars, cakes, cookies, donuts, muffins into bite size pieces so everyone can try several varieties.

*Whip up a quick fruit dip with cream cheese, vanilla yogurt, & honey. Add a little lemon zest if you're feelin' fancy! Serve with a cut fruit platter and graham cracker pieces.

The key to Superbowl snacking is easy eating, perfect portions, low maintenance, and team spirit! Shop at Dean's for fast and friendly service!

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