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What are Dean's Deals & why should I care?

There's always an enormous number of items with discounted prices at Dean's. However, every other week, a special selection of items are deep discounted, and we call those "Dean's Deals".

You'll know what the Dean's Deals are by paying attention to a few different things. One, in the store you'll see the big bright red signs. Those are the Dean's Deals. You can also find some of the Dean's Deals on the back of the store end-caps.

We will also highlight the weekly Dean's Deals here, on this website. Keeping it updated will be our responsibility, so all you have to do is check the website and see the special deals.

If you've shared your email with us on the "sign up" web page, you'll receive the occasional email that lists the week's Dean's Deals. That way you'll never miss a deal!

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