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During summertime, you can count on warm weather, sunshine, and the announcement of Dean’s Summer Produce Sale.

This year’s event is July 26-29, and will feature noteworthy deals on fruit, vegetables, and local Sweet Corn. The local farmers are saying the corn will be in! Last summer we also offered local veggies like green beans, cucumbers, and radishes. We’re expecting sweet corn to be at the best price in town, 12 for $4.99.

For the produce sale, we also bring in gigantic crates of promotionally-priced Watermelons. They are one of the highlights of summer and there are so many ways to enjoy them- wedges for refreshing snacks, blended into beverages & smoothies, chunked and carved into fruit baskets, and sliced into salads. Watermelons are low in calories and are good antioxidants, high in vitamin A, lycopene, and potassium. Add some into your daily diet. You should always have a watermelon in the fridge during summertime!

During the Produce Sale, we buy in large quantities so we can offer deep discounts. This year’s sale is inside the store, so customers can shop in air-conditioned comfort, avoiding any rain and windy conditions.

The sale has been extended to four days this year, starting on Thursday July 26 and ending Sunday July 29. Fresh fruit and vegetables are restocked throughout the sale, and fresh sweet corn is delivered daily. Don’t miss this annual Osseo event!

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